A Tale of Love, Life
and Death (in no particular order)

Khajad is dead. But now she's alive.

So, what's the catch?

She has no memory of her past, no explanation as to why she has magical powers or why she must hide her peculiar new demon wings from society

Her mother, Yunika, thinks it's best to avoid answering any of Khajad's questions. For now, they must figure out a way to escape what is certain to become their icy graves at the Peak of the World. Together, they venture to find a place called "home" and a means of living a normal life.

But can their lives ever really be "normal?"

​Sacrimony is a full color comic featuring beautiful art, a diverse cast of fully fleshed-out characters and colorful, unique fantasy world.

If you're into character-driven stories dealing with complex relationships and extensive worldbuilding, such as the Avatar series and Game of Thrones, then Sacrimony is perfect for you.

(Recommended for mature readers on account of language and adult situations).